Amazing Week

It was such an amazing week. On Thursday Was An amazing week as Elder Pearson came and talked to the mission. I am grateful for the amazing leaders we have to help us. we Got the chance to also see most of the other missionaries of the AMM mission.
There was so many experiences that I have had this week that confirm to me of the beauty of the gospel.

 All Is Going well. So Many experiences but such little time to write. I Wish I could all the experiences that I have each week but sometimes I just do not know how to put them into words.  It is such blessing to know the blessing But it is a greater blessing to share the Gospel.

I hope all can come to know for them selves that the Joy and happiness found in the walls of the gospel are a reality and that families are able to be together forever.

I hope that I Might be able to get better at acounting my week and experinces on this blog and that it may be of benifit to others and that I Might more fully share the amazing things I see each week.


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