A New Begining

Well It Is that time again. The Time Of transfers…

It was such a great Joy serving in the Caulfield ward. Hopefully The Computers In the Next area I serve Are faster and Have More programs So I can put more Pictures and allows me to write more In my Blog…

Had A awesome week of doing the Lords work. It is truly a good week.

The weather Here is starting to Warm up. As Much as I love the cold I prefer the heat.. But soon I will be getting bottles of water ready.

Well Since Transfers are tomorrow I am sure that Next week Will Be a Blog Full of Exiting things. As I move to A new area. I never sure how I feel when moving to a new area. At time feel nervous but same time exited and also you know that is where you have to be at that time. This is such a marvelous work and each day has its experiences and miracles.

Bear My Testimony that this work is not of man no but the it is of the Lord, that it is God’s work. I bear testimony that the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the Lords church on the earth and that Joseph Smith was called of God is a true prophet.  That the Book of Mormon is true.

I finish this Blog entry and Wish Everyone family, freinds and stanger a good week..


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