TIme Goes Past In a Flash

Time goes so fast it seems that only yesterday that I was back home making computer games.

I think I was use this blog to introduce myself A bit more and say who I am and what I did before my mission.

Before I came on this wonderful adventure I was working with my brother on starting and running a computer game company slash a entertainment and media company. We started this endeavour about two years ago. I was still pretty fresh out of high school and not doing well at university me and my brother decide to make this company. wanting to make your dreams come true we decided that we wont just wait for the opportunity but that we would work for it. with this we set course and started to research and see the best way to start to make sure we didn’t start of to big. We looked for the best entry into the game world. After much research we started to make games for the IOS devices.

All set and ready we set our course but as always life is not easy we had many bumps in the road. One of those being that the programs for making 2d games for IOS did not meet the needs so I needed to learn how to program. with only a small understanding, I looked for some decent books and started to learn programing for IOS devices. within 2 months or about we released our first game  then three months or so my skills and knowledge and our general game design knowledge came to a level of efficiency and creativity. In six months I was able to learn to program.

A year and halve of hard work and late nights we started to really get momentum but at the same time I was also preparing for a important dession in my life. I was preparing to serve a mission for 2 years. As I prepared many hurdles came and many trials blocked my path. First I had to decide to leave my family who are the greatest and biggest influence in my life. Also at the time I had many financial obstacles.

I knew that when I left on my mission that also that I would not be able to help with the business and that me and my brothers dream would take longer. As I weighed the options I knew that my family would be blessed as I laid down my cares and put off my desires and helped others and served. That it would be for my good and that two years is a short time and that I would still be able to go after my dreams.

With so many things and many other things to weigh out as you can see that I choose to serve the Lord. I know that I chose the right. That my family is receiving the blessings and that being nine months out I am starting to grow as person and coming to know what a disciple of Christ is.

May I value the times I have on my Mission both the Good and the hard times. That I might use the short time I have Left to do all I can.

I wish all that read this that whenever they need to make a decision in life that they will look at not just the now but to be able to pick the better choice for there is many good choices but their in many cases a best choice and for me it was choosing to serve a mission.

In End May God be with you and may go to your Heavenly father all times but most of all when you have a decision to make go to our father he will help you as you do your part he will do his..

This is Elder Pipers  Signing out.


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