The Journey

As Time goes by and some days can feel the same you think of ways you can make each day more interesting. As I said I was making games before my mission so I have decided that I will try for a bit to base my post as if a RPG (Role PLaying Game)… Just to give my blog a bit of my character…

As the rises and music rings through the city of Bendigo the Hero wakes up… “Where am I??”

You look around the room… “I am on my mission… Hmmm what the date?  WOW!! It is already November!!!!”

Some time later…

“Hello Elder Hirata…”

Hirata is my new companion that I am serving with in the Bendigo area. HE is from Japan and has been out for over a year. He will be finished around January.

we Go TO desk…  Option 1: Study   Option:2 Fall Asleep   Option 3: Cancel.

Choose Option 1.

Me and Elder Hirata study for An Hour Personally then have Hour Companion study…

!!! Me “Lets have lunch. what do we have??? ………………. ”

Look in kitchen for food….. ME: “We Need More food!!!!!!!!

HEHE Yes This happens a lot.

But just to  end this short Blog I want to say that this week has been hectic but with little amount of stuff happening… What I was trying to Illustrate that each week or day can be the same. It can be pretty repetitive and some days can be filled with trails some with miracles and some days are just another day of you trying to do your best. Some People try and create Memories but they can not be forced.

Just to Say a bit more On Sunday we have dinner at a Members place and They are such a great family, who support the missionaries.

Not much else to say this week but to say to everyone that they have a good week and I hope that I can get better at writing blogs… So Little time to write them since have only around a hour to write since I need to write to others as well. I might start to plan these Blogs on Sunday Night Just so I can write So Much faster. I hope for these blogs to be informative and also inspiring and of course I want them to be a reflection of me.

Just to End I give a shout out to my Family and the Great People back home who write letters and give me support.

This is is my Blog for the week. I wish all that read a good weak, and everyone else as well….


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