The First Week of A New Year

Not to Much to update on! I am Exited for this new year which has already started of to an amazing start. I can not describe the feeling when people are baptized. It was such a great start to the year.

I hope that This new Year 2014, can be one filled with miracles and that of change and growth.

Hope That everyone had a good New Years day. I wish that I had Photos but right now I am short a Camera. But all Goods. Hopefully I get a camera soon and can do more dynamic post with pictures since a picture tells a story of a thousand words.

I wish everyone a new Year and hope that all is going well.

I hope that I can become a better person this year and that I can achieve the goals I set.  Love to all back home and hope that this year will be one of real growth.

God Bless. Elder Pipers.


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