A good Start

As I have Had the Chance to Set Goals for the coming year, it has been a good time for reflection and to think of what I am going to work on this year. What I can work on and what stuff I want to accomplish this year.

Not Much different from the normal day-to-day stuff this week but it has been a rewarding week. Sometimes There is weeks where not much happens but it is just a good week.

I love the chance I get to reflect on the Atonement and by it the change that it brings about both in myself and others. I hope that as I approach being out a year on my mission that I have changed. That I have grown and that I am really am applying the Atonement in my life.

As I start this year I hope that I can continue to grow and to be able to help others come closer to their Heavenly father.

That has been the most rewarding thing on my mission. To be able to see as people build a relationship with heavenly father and the change in their lives and the testimony they gain and grow.

Today Should be good and I hope that I will be able to upload more photos soon. That my blog is a bit more visually pleasing.

I wish everyone a good week one filled with miracles.

With Love I finish this entry Elder Pipers.


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