A heat wave

The HeatThis week was an interesting week. As the week got to a start as a couple of missionaries we had P-day together and went and played laser tag, and then some capture the flag. As missionaries it is stressful and it is great to have some fun Even when the temperature soars to 40 degrees. As the week goes on it became a very hot week. Reaching the Mid 40s. one day reached a staggering 44 degrees. I am grateful that no fire effected our area.

I pray to all those who got effected by this week just gone that they find comfort in prayer and putting trust in the Lord.

I am enjoying my mission even the heat waves and the trails that come. It is a blessing to be serving at this great time. I hope that I am able to better serve the Lord and help more people.

Time is short and because it is I hope that I can put my focus into serving the lord and do my best to help others.

I now know that I am able to survive a 40 degree day plus. So the rest of this summer in Melbourne should be easy.

Just to finish this post on a spiritual note I share a scripture that is comforting in times of hardship. It is found in the Doctrine and covenants section 121 verse 7 and it reads:

“My son, apeace be unto thy soul; thine badversity and thine afflictions shall be but a csmall moment;”

I love this scripture for it gives me strength to face the trails of life.

I wish every one a good week. That it be filled with miracles and an increase of faith.



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